Spanish born, Berlin based artist Denite has released on a wealth of world class labels, as well as managing his own successful underground imprint Redlight Music. Ahead of his remix & forthcoming EP on Constant Circles, we invited him along for a chat and a guest slot on the radio show.

First of all, is there a meaning behind the name Denite? Is this your first project, or have you had other aliases?

My first production came out as Gari Marcos. It was way more “Electro” in the 2006 when “Movements” of Booka Shade was super hype. Some time later in 2010 I did a remix that turned out to be quite House, so I decided to use a new name. That was when Denite came to my mind and since then it has been my alter ego.

What is your background and how did you get into music?

I started playing vinyl when I was 14. I always loved the magic behind the DJ when I was going with out with friends to the afternoon sessions of some clubs in my hometown. Then I got into some Rock/Grunge bands where I was playing guitar and singing for a few years. Everything happened step by step, but I was always involved in music somehow. In 2003 I started playing Soul and Jazzy Drum & Bass when I was living in Mainz (Germany). And then went to Electro and House music.

You are from Elche in Spain, but you now live in Berlin – how has your career been influenced by living in these places?

Every single city I’ve lived in has influenced my music in a unique way. Berlin and Elche too, of course. I would say that Berlin is maybe (together with New York) the city that has influenced me the most. Berlin is energy, is action, is creativity and you will find an explosion of inspiration around every corner. There is a huge community of creators in Berlin right now. Not only musicians but photographers, fashion designers, graphic designers and every other creative profession you can imagine. Also the city itself is a great canvas that holds art in the walls and in the clubs, theatres and concert halls. It’s like a huge motor where you feel somehow a part of it. It’s just great.

How would you describe your sound? Do you think you usually fall into a certain genre?

I love music. Almost all kinds. Same way I like to “jump” genders sometimes during a DJ set or when Im producing in the studio. I would say I’m a House music producer. And then sometimes it goes deeper and sometimes it goes more in other directions.

You recently released a full length album on Redlight Records. How did that project come about and what was the process for creating it?

My debut album came along in a process of 3 years. In 2012 I visited New York for the first time for almost 1 month, and the idea of recording some tracks for an album crossed my mind. Being influenced by such a great city felt like a nice starting point for the album, so I just did it. Then I kept on working on those and more tracks when I was back in Elche (my hometown in Spain) and then later on when I moved to Berlin. I finished the album during winter of 2015 and it was out in May 2016 on my own imprint Redlight.

You are making your debut on CC with a remix of Just Her & Nandu – how did you approach the remix and what direction did you take it?

When I’m working on remixes everything always starts with a small idea. A small part, instrument or vocal sample that lights the fire and then usually from there, everything comes together easily. It wasn’t different in this case. The original track has got awesome vocals and so I took this as a starting point to build everything else around. I decided to keep a more melodic vibe this time. It made more sense to me, as the track is very rhythmic.

What are your key pieces of studio kit?

Even though I really like to play around with synthesizers, I don’t have so many pieces in my studio. I have a Korg Monotribe, a Midi keyboard and some midi controllers, a Roland SPD-SX percussion pad, a bass and a guitar.

Has there been a key moment in your career so far, or an important release?

2017 was by far my best year. I had the opportunity to play in new cities and countries and to meet wonderful people everywhere I went. About releases, I really think every single one is a step on the way. And I also enjoy producing them in different ways.

What is your dream label to release on, and your dream venue to play at?
I would love to release on Katermukke, 2020 Visions or Crosstown Rebels for example.
There are many venues I would like to play. In general would be great to play in the UK. I never had the chance to play there yet. And of course Fabric would be amazing.

Tell us your deepest darkest secret?

It takes me more than I would like to focus and get to work (even once in the studio).

What do you have coming up in terms of releases and gigs?

I have a few releases coming this year. First one on Huxley’s ‘No Idea’s Original’ label. Then a second vinyl EP on Their Ear Recordings. And then one track on a VVAA on the Nice7’s Italian label D-Floor.

How did you put together your guest mix for the radio show & what have you included – any exclusives or surprises?

I recorded the set in my studio. Most of the tracks are promos and some other are tracks from friends. Then there is 1 track of mine in there that is coming out on Huxley’s label very soon.

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