Nomerz, a native of Nizhny Novgorod in Western Russia, has, for the last five years or so, been travelling the lesser-known parts of Russia using his unique vision and talents to make street art statements on dilapidated and abandoned buildings.

nomerz three faces

The elusive young artist, about whom little is known, calls his work “the Living Walls” as he breathes life into dying edifices. However there is more to be seen within his work – wry visual comments abound.


In ‘Tower Man’, a water tower is transformed with the benign face of an old man, his long grey beard twining down the tower.

nomerz normans

There are, however, other deeper comments. There is a constant theme of observers being everywhere and some feature trapped souls unable to escape.

nomerz hostage

Others feature huge eyes, almost a ‘Big Brother” aspect of the people being watched.


Many of these buildings become monsters with gaping mouths lined with teeth, not level and shining white, but misshaped and uneven, warning of what might befall anyone entering.

nomerz stream mouth

It is easy to see the almost anguished feelings of the artist as he highlights some aspects of Russian society away from the wealth of the big cities.