Brain Rays & Quiet released their debut album ‘BUTTER’ via Seagrave Records on 30th April 2020. Eight hyper speed and high pressure tracks supported by the likes of ZULI and Om Unit.

Animators and game designers, Chris Mayoh and Drew Turner from Mutant Labs, spent a section of their lockdown creating 8 strange and dystopian animations, a different one inspired by each track from the album.

We have the exclusive premiere of “Emeralds” – a twisted fusion of leftfield house, breaks & dubstep with an equally special animation:

From the 1st-8th December, these 8 animations are being premiered day-by-day! Head over to this specially created website to see the story unveil itself –

“A streetwise blend of UK rave ruffage and math-y rhythm” – Chal Ravens (The Wire)
“HEAT” – Zuli (UIQ)
“Class” – La Cheetah Club
“The album is a masterfully executed mission statement for the duo’s next chapter together and a welcome reminder of how inventive, technically rich and exciting club music can be”. – Stray Landings

Brain Rays & Quiet also make low slung bassy hip hop as Baconhead and have remixed for the likes of Jimmy Edgar, Si Begg and Cex.

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R E L E A S E // 30th April 2020
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