After an illustrious six years of music, it’s a fitting time for New Zealand duo 2XM to release their debut album. And what a treat it is. Love Unbound is a stunning collection of dreamy synths, warm pads and crisp drums arranged in wonderfully creative ways. The result? An immersive listening experience like no other.

The boys have explored a broad spectrum of music with releases on Dansu Discs, Eton Messy and Four Heads to name a few, but have consistently evolved their own unique sound throughout these ventures. This album is a testament to that.

It feels like the “piece de resistance” to their music portfolio, a collection of their influences and experiences over the years, culminating as a hugely dynamic yet fantastically consistent piece of work that’ll excite electronic music heads from all areas.

The fact that this album is self-released makes sense. There aren’t many labels out there whose individual sounds cover the full range of what 2XM have to offer here, and it adds to what feels like a deeply personal project for the pair. 

Love Unbound flows beautifully from one track to the next but if you’re looking for a preview before you dive into the whole thing, the standout track is the last, Jesper. It’s one of the rare tracks that perfectly toes the line between a stunning home-listening experience and functioning as a huge club tool. You’re going to want this one on your USB and playlists alike.
You can pick up the album to download here.