On first listen of the new LP from Charlie Stark on his own imprint Stark Dangerous, you can immediately hear the versatility and authenticity of not only his vocals but his musical style. Although it retains it’s deep melodic electronica vibe throughout, it also nods to range of other genres from jazz, to minimal, to electro, with his loose and sultry vocals always at the forefront. Created from a patchwork of sessions influenced from over many years of Charlie Stark’s experiences dancing around Europe’s music scene, with this LP he takes us on a clever musical journey through hallways, and up flight of stairs.

We grabbed the first play of “Fabric Of Conciousness”, a smooth flurry of rhythmical sounds, drenched with ambient harps and atmospheric vocal glitches, augmented by Charlie Stark’s smooth medicating vocals.

Charlie continues to perform with the acclaimed Warchestra, an incredible transcendental show that includes a lots of phat synths string players and 360 VR sound. Warchestra has already started the next Charlie Stark EP which is scheduled for 2019. Other releases coming up include tracks by Mark Radford and Jitwam as well as Kwake Bass.

A R T I S T // Charlie Stark
T I T L E // Hallways and Stairs
L A B E L // Stark Dangerous
R E L E A S E // 26 Oct 2018
C A T N O // SD002
F O R M A T // digital

T R A C K S //
1) Intro
2) Fabric Of Consciousness
3) Brain Hearts
4) Horse Feathers
5) Kissing
6) Design
7) Written On Me
8) QsAs
9) Missing U
10) Hallways and Stairs