London based maya q joins Seb Wildblood’s All My Thoughts imprint with a six track EP that
explores a myriad of emotions titled ‘It’s only forever’.

For Maya, this EP is a reflection on what it means to be home and the relationships which make
it so, written over a two month period of transition and change. It revisits, after nearly a decade
away in the UK, some memories that defined what home meant fifteen years ago in the US, and
how the culmination of time split between the two countries and recent changes have shaped
what home is now.

The EP is also very much a love letter to her friends and family who have shared their stories
and who ultimately made London feel like home.
Musically the record spans six tracks each with their own style. Some uptempo breaksy cuts
along with more delicate down tempo moments, all of which are influenced by her upbringing in
the US and also the UK. She uses sounds that she was listening to back when living in the US
and other things that make her think of home such as pool field recordings and piano-lead indie
music, as well as 00s RnB samples, all united by soft pads and vocal samples.

The first single to drop from the EP will be the title track ‘it’s only forever’ which will be released
together with a brilliant remix from man of the moment K-Lone. Listen HERE.

T R A C K L I S T //

maya q – it’s only forever
maya q – way u make me feel
maya q – for you too
maya q – lost w u
maya q – drive (for forrest)
maya q – stay