Warm, Jazz-infused house music from Brazil is the order of the day with an exclusive first play of ‘ACAJU’ by Augusta Barna & Bruce Leroys:

“In our recent career, we’ve tried to work with our idols, but we’re also looking for new talent. This has been the case with Gal (Costa) and Helóra, Azymuth and Felipe Gordon. That said, the artist on our fifth release is on a different level. At just 20 years old, she has an artistic maturity far beyond what her chronological age suggests. “An actress who graduated from the theater school Cefart – Palácio das Artes (MG) and a singer – of noises – as she calls herself”, she brings freshness to new Brazilian popular music, but with the posture of a veteran artist. The paradoxes don’t stop there, they are present in both the noises and the melodies, between a Brazilian musical essence, but with a globalized language and attitude, between respect for the roots, but with a super contemporary dynamic. We believe that Augusta Barna sums up very well what we are trying to bring to our AUREUM label: helping to promote new, danceable Brazilian music with a global projection. We all want to go together with Augusta Barna, wherever she takes us, preferably where the sun can toast our heads. ACAJU”

Bruce Leroys, Aureum A&R

A R T I S T // Augusta Barna, Bruce Leroys
T I T L E // Acaju (Remixes)
L A B E L // Aureum
R E L E A S E // 29th September 23
C A T N O // AU005
F O R M A T // Digital

F O L L O W //