What is your background and how did you get into music?
I’ve been making and playing music since I was about 12 and I’ve done everything from playing classical guitar in opera performances to playing in hardcore bands to making electronic music. When I first heard Goldie’s ‘Timeless’ album I knew I would be getting into electronic music in a serious way.

Where are you based and how has your home country or town influenced your music & career?
I’m based in West Yorkshire in a very small village called Holmfirth, but I’m originally from Hull (via Leeds and Manchester). Growing up in Hull was pretty limited during the late 90s/early 2000s, so whenever someone would come and play here you made a huge effort to go and experience it. There used to be a monthly jungle night called Future Methods that brought Doc Scott, Goldie and Marcus Intalex to the city, so I fully digested that scene!

How would you describe your sound – do you think your music falls into a particular genre?
I’d go for ‘cinematic electronica’. I’m really into everything overblown and kinda ridiculous sounding – I’m a massive sucker for big breakdowns and insane synth lines. I think my music nicely sits between club music and headphone listening.

You are making your debut on Constant Circles with your track “ Aglaia” – a collaboration with Jozef K. How did you approach this project and how did the idea come together?
I’ve been working with Jozef for a long time on lots of different projects and music just seems to flow out of us quite naturally! ‘Aglaia’ is a track that we did a little while ago and we were really wanting to go into something a little deeper and melancholic than our usual sound. We were listening to lots of Move D at the time I think.

How does working collaboratively compare to your solo projects? And do you have a preference?
When you’re working with someone else you’re up against it, but in a great way. You’re always trying to pull something out that’s going to impress the other person and it pushes you to go hard! You don’t get to spend time tweaking those pointless sounds that don’t make any actual difference! I do enjoy working with Jozef though, we’ve got a good thing going.

What is your production process – is each project different? And what are your key pieces of studio kit?
Every time it seems to be different. Sometimes I can sit and make music during the day, but sometimes it’ll be over a night session after listening to records. I like to jam around when making music and be as hands on as I can. I love the ARP Odyssey synth the most out of everything I’ve ever had. But then again piano is also perfect in the right situation.

Where do you take inspiration from, both in the studio and in life?
Definitely my surroundings, and I like to take long dog walks with an album each day. For me the best inspiration is other people’s music and you can take so many ideas and ways of thinking from other people. I’ll be listening to a Tricky album and thinking how can I get inside his head and take his methods for my music. I have an allotment and also keep chickens, so this keeps me pretty active mentally and keeps me away from the screens!

Tell us your deepest darkest secret?
I actually really like American EDM type stuff.

What do you have coming up in terms of releases and gigs?
I’m just about to finish a new album, which I’m super happy with and it’s taken me more in a direction I’m happy with than ever. It’s quite clubby, but quite weird too. I’ve been off gigging since Summer, but throwing myself back into it for this year, especially around record release time.

How did you put together your guest mix for the radio show & what have you included – any exclusives or surprises?
I recorded everything in Traktor (which I’m currently learning and really enjoying) and it’s a reflection of everything I’ve been listening to and getting inspiration from when album writing. There’s a sneak peak in there at what I’ve been writing, although I’m not sure if this is a finished piece or not yet. We shall see!

Catch Thomas’ guest mix on Constant Circles Radio with Just Her below: