Spanish dj & producer Landikhan makes his debut on Constant Circles with a remix of Just Her’s “In The Dark” ft Kieran Fowkes. A resident of Trueno Club in Madrid, he is quickly gaining a reputation not just for his DJ sets but for his unique, deep and experimental productions. We invited him along for a chat and a guest mix on the radio show.

So, what is the meaning behind your name, and how is it pronounced?

The name doesn’t really have a deep meaning, with my friends we say that a “Landi” is a really good friend, or a mate, so I used it because of that. It is pronounced exactly as it is read.

What is your background and how did you get into music?

I am very passionate about music since I can remember. I enjoy any type of music that makes me feel something when I listen to it. I started playing 10 years ago R&B (well to tell the truth I only faded away the tracks!) But then with more time and experience I have been evolving my sound naturally to where I am now.

You are based in Madrid – what is the scene like there and how has it influenced your music & career?

Electronic music in Madrid its evolving very fast nowadays. There are some clubs that trust their parties in local artists. One of them is Trueno Club, where I am one of the resident DJs along with very powerful and on the rise stars of the national scene, such as Ed is Dead, 1101vs13,Marcos in dub, Caravaca, Clara Brea, Indira Paganotto, Simon Garcia to name just a few.


What is the most important thing for people to see when visiting Madrid?

To visit Reina Sofia Museum, have some cocktails at Corazon Club and then end your night in Trueno Club.

You are a resident at Trueno in Madrid – what is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen while playing there?

Well it gets pretty wild some days but I rather not say what I see, its part of the magic, if you are there maybe you see some crazy s**** hahaha

How would you describe your sound? Do you think you usually fall into a certain genre?Over many years in this my sound has been evolving very naturally to where I am right now. In my early stages the music that I played didn’t really fill my soul that much, with time I’ve achieved a point where I do really enjoy playing and producing my own music. If I had to stick to a genre it would probably be Electronic/Deep House.

You are making your debut on CC with a remix of Just Her’s ‘In The Dark’ – how did you approach the remix and what direction did you take it?

For me at first it was a pretty big challenge (I’m not gonna lie), the original track is so so good, so deep and Kieran’s voice is just amazing, so I have given it my personal take on it and I am very happy with the result.

What are your key pieces of studio kit?

I work at Fashion Beat Studio, owned by Ed is Dead and 1101vs13. I feel very lucky to be part of it, it’s a place where many different talents meet, I work on Cubase 9, Daw, Focal trio speakers and Aurora converters.

You own your own label LNDKHN, what is the concept of this, do you have a music policy?

We are very open to any type of electronic music really, LNDKHN is like a small family that helps one another with their different qualities. We have so many good talents here in our country that we try to get the best out of it, also international talent have given us their energy. Aitiana Basquiat is a key member of LNDKHN as she gives individual graphic and 3D Art for every release on the label.

Can you give some helpful advice for people wanting to start their own record label?

Be passionate about it, work very hard and it can get to be very rewarding.

Tell us your deepest darkest secret?

I have none hahahahahaha

What do you have coming up in terms of releases and gigs?

This year has been incredible for me. I got to play in Woo Moon party, which is my favourite party on the Island of Ibiza, and got my music released on Natura Sonoris, Henry Saiz’s label which for me has always been a reference.

To close the year I will be at Trueno New Years Eve with all the family and on the 17th of December at After Brunch with Acid Pauli.

How did you put together your guest mix for the radio show & what have you included – any exclusives or surprises?

I have tried to tell a story in this guest mix. There is an unreleased track featuring La niña Indigo which will see the light in March, and obviously my “In The Dark” remix coming on Constant Circles… and maybe some other surprises.