Italian trio Jaxx Madicine recently released their incredible debut album on Sweden’s much famed Local Talk label, who recently caught our attention with releases from the likes of DJ Spinna, Crackazat and Marcel Lune.

Filled with jazzy melody and cosmic funk, this eleven track LP titled “Distant Classic” definitely lives up to its name, and has a classic sound that’s both contemporary and timeless.

Jaxx Madicine is an Italian trio based in Milan who have individually released on labels including G.A.M.M., Studio Rockers, Heist and Bastard Jazz Recordings amongst many others.

The three band members Parker Madicine, Turbojazz and Veez_0 have certainly shown their pedigree with this eloquent release that’s perfect for home listening, although some of the tracks such as Espresso, Jaxx Carnival and Fly High have a bumping groove perfect for club sound systems