Norwegian duo ‘Ost & Kjex‘ bring us the ‘Private Dancer EP’, on the inimitable Crosstown Rebels. ‘Private Dancer’ the collaboration with WHALESHARKATTACKS, and ‘Nightingale’,  2 seriously infectious, club ready weapons you’ll be sure to hear over the summer from a plethora of DJ’s.  We asked the guys a few questions ahead of the release.

  • What is the story behind the name?

We got asked by a Norwegian animation agency many years ago to create two characters and to make a musical universe around and them. We came up with Ost & Kjex (meaning cheese and biscuit), and also based the music around samples from actual cheese and crackers. It was also something we did live recording sounds of smashing cheddar into mics and stuff. A lot of good cheese got wasted those years!

  • What is your background and how did you get into music?

Ost and I have been friends and played music together since we were teenagers. We got into music liking hardcore, death metal punk…we were skate kids. We used to play in a death metal band,  and then we discovered electronic music through Warp Records and from then it was rave on.

  • Where are you based and how has your home country or town influenced your music & career?

We live in a place called Kolbotn 20min just outside Oslo. When we grew up there was a big band scene in our hometown, and many of the had success- that was inspiring to us. There used to be huge biscuit factory here and the whole area smelled of biscuits everyday, so there you go – thats another reason why we are called Cheese and biscuit.


  • What is the most important thing for people to see when visiting your home town?

The should go to a pace called Svartskog (Black forest). A beautiful forest.

  • What is your production process and what are your key pieces of studio kit?

Sometimes I work with an instinct just try to get in a flow and see were my mind takes me. So no real process, it can be pretty messy and takes some time but I’m getting better at it. Other times Ost sends me a vocal sketch that I can start with and we bounce ideas and sketches back and forth. We use Logic as main DAW and various outboard kit. Recently Mathew Styles has done the final mix down. Really takes the tracks up a few notches and gives them exactly the tonal touch we are looking for.

  • Do you have a certain sound in mind when you start each project? Do you think your music falls into a particular genre?

When we did the ‘Cajun Lunch’ album we had a certain idea yes. We wanted it to be kind of soul,funk and delta inspired. We always try and find the right ingredients for each song. Apart from that I guess we do have some kind of idea were we want it to end. I think we make house music…

  • What do you think has been the key moment or turning point for you career wise?

It has been small points happening along the way. One big change was releasing ‘Cajun Lunch‘ on Diynamic, also hooking up with that Solomun and his label and follow their success


  • What’s your dream label to release on?

Always wanted to release on Kompakt.

  • What is the coolest gig you have ever played & why?

We played the Øyafestival in Oslo in 2009 on the biggest stage with 20 ghospelsingers and full band. The sun was shining, it was sweaty and beautiful. Still our best gig to date.

  • Tell us something people don’t know about you?

Ost is a pretty decent accordion player, he can play ‘Love Me Tender’ by heart.

  • What do you have coming up in terms of releases and gigs?

We are releasing Private Dancer EP on Crosstown Rebels 25th of may and another EP in june on Berlin based URSL Records. We also have another release ready but not scheduled it with a label yet. Ost also just released and album with his solo project ‘Sex Judas’ on Optimo, you should check it out pretty sexy!

You can buy the ‘Private Dancer EP’ >>>> HERE