Alexander Church returns with a new EP inspired by the teachings of Emmy Van Deurzen and her dimensions theory.

We are very excited to have the first play of the opener track ‘The Spiritual Dimension’, Alexander works again with frequent collaborator and vocalist Rebekah K. Her angelic vocals are pure and crystal clear next to nebulous cosmic synths and punchy broken beats. It’s a soothing and spiritual track that moves you on many levels. 

‘Dimensions of Human Existence (Part 1)’ is another mind-expanding trip from Alexander Church.

A R T I S T // Alexander Church
T I T L E // ‘Dimensions of Human Existence (Part 1)
L A B E L // Configurations of Self
R E L E A S E // 11th August 2023
C A T N O // Config23
F O R M A T // Digital
G E N R E // Electronic

T R A C K S //

1 / The Spiritual Dimension (Vocal Mix Feat Rebekah K) 2. The Spiritual Dimension (Instrumental Remix)
3 / The Spiritual Dimension (Nolan Remix)
4 / The Social Dimension (Vocal Mix Feat Rebekah K) 5. The Social Dimension (Instrumental Mix)
6 / The Social Dimension (James Welsh Remix)

F O L L O W //