Like underground music, you don’t necessarily need fancy qualifications or expensive equipment to get started. What is required is talent. All around the world artists are at work, saying what they want to say on their own terms. And the talent shines.


The elusive Banksy brought the movement to public focus highlighting and increasing the global phenomenon. Some artists, like the duo Herakut, have become famous in conventional art circles with exhibitions at galleries around the world and a burgeoning trade of their prints. Other artists stay true to the “street” paradigm.


On streets and buildings around the world there are works, complex, assured, technically brilliant, some with political or social content, some just exuberant, some wild and eccentric, some with a sense of humour, but all of them expressions of the desire of artists to make their statement direct to their audience.

Cairo Street Art

Every city in the world now has a selection of spontaneous decoration.

street art 32


The circle goes on.

More of our favourites coming soon..