Nothing moves in a straight line. Day & night, seasons, tides, a life span. We repeat, we connect, we move in C Y C L E S.

In the C Y C L E S series, the Constant Circles back catalogue gets fresh reworks from a curated selection of artists.

Volume two presents new interpretations from D’Phault, Landikhan, Denite, Agatha Pher and TR20.

Using the sounds of the past to create the future. Unceasing. Limitless. A constant circle.

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A R T I S T // Various Artists
T I T L E // C Y C L E S V O L 2
L A B E L // Constant Circles
C A T N O // CC027

01. Nandu – Darkness ft. Marc Facchini (D’Phault Remix) [Constant Circles]
02. Just Her – In the Dark ft. Kieran Fowkes (Landikhan Remix) [Constant Circles]
03. Just Her & Ryan Murgatroyd – Empty Minds (Denite Remix) [Constant Circles]
04. Giorgia Angiuli – Deep Moan (Agatha Pher Remix) [Constant Circles]
05. Just Her – Silence (TR20 Remix) [Constant Circles]