Black Diamonds Records ventures to São Paulo to find the illustrious L_cio with his track, Monolance, featuring singer Ellie Ka. Monolance is the meeting of L_cio and Ellie Ka which resulted in a beautiful song to bring out feelings of brightness and love, alongside a stellar remix from Joyce Muniz.

In the day and age where anyone can become a producer or a DJ with a laptop and a bit of cheap software, the real polymaths stand out. Joyce Muniz’s background as a singer combines in powerful synergy with her slick production sound and her supreme skills as a selector, with each facet of her creative output feeding into and fuelling one another.

We have the first play of the Joyce Muniz Remix, a stellar melodic house cut with a heavier bassline and trippy, filtered synths. The Ellie Ka vocals set a mysterious mood and Joyce delivers a remix radiating late night club vibes:

B U Y //

A R T I S T // L_cio feat. Ellie Ka
T I T L E // Monolance
L A B E L // Black Diamonds Records
R E L E A S E // August 7, 2020
C A T N O // BD012
F O R M A T // Digital
A R T W O R K // Rafael Gaiani

T R A C K S //
Monolance (Joyce Muniz Remix)
Monolance (Radio Mix)

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