Piece of Mind is a second album composed by Kid Claude, almost two years after his last release, Yellow.

Dropping on UK imprint Virtual Ground, Piece of Mind moves through different genre inspirations but there is an overall distinct synth sound, a nostalgic and raw Moog texture that keeps it together. The repetitive melodies are being slowly transformed to give a feeling of escalation and a space where listener can sketch a story of their own.

We have the first play of “Enuff of Me” – a broken beat leftfield cut with tinges of ambient house, taking us on a journey through scattered beats and shimmering synth patterns:

Throughout this LP, Kid Claude balances the dark or upbeat moments with slower and placatory interlude tracks in between to make you feel at ease for a moment and then surprise again. Very rarely you will hear a voice in these mostly organic compositions, but there are few moments where a sampled recording was used to create a distorted melody to accompany the track or to take you away from the music for a moment.

The album is also portrayed visually by a great 3D artist, Elliot Roberts, also a Virtual Ground representative. The cover embodies mostly abstract but weirdly attractive objects, relative to the album which consists of tracks sometimes really different from each other although all connected by the same similarities.

A R T I S T // Kid Claude
T I T L E // Piece Of Mind
L A B E L // Virtual Ground
R E L E A S E // 12/02/2021
C A T N O // VGA004
F O R M A T // Digital
G E N R E // Electro/Dance/Leftfield

F O L L O W //