Meet Beatune, the French maestro making waves in Berlin. Renowned for his melodic prowess, he seamlessly blends deep house, techno, and breakbeat. Collaborating with Berlin Bass Collective and Traum, his EP “Ante Sempra Meta Ramen” pushes musical boundaries, drawing inspiration from the UK electronic scene.

The release features four stellar originals, delivering a unique fusion of organic textures and electronic beats, offering a sonic journey with dark basslines, suggestive vocals, and subtle field recordings.

We have the exclusive first play of “Knocks” – a straight up bass music banger, catapulting you into a nostalgic yet fresh vibe:

B U Y & S T R E A M //

A R T I S T // Beatune
T I T L E // Ante Sempra Meta Ramen
L A B E L // Everybody In
R E L E A S E // 2024-04-19
C A T N O // EI016
F O R M A T // Digital
G E N R E // Electronica

T R A C K S //
Ante Sempra Meta Ramen
Rail Watching
Pulsing Fumes

F O L L O W //