Berlin-based Franco-Algerian DJ and producer Elisa Elisa delivers her debut release ‘Drum Love’ via The Checkup’s Heat Up Music consisting of two disco infused high energy cuts.

We have the first play of ‘Get Down’ which lays a focus on classic house tropes courtesy of sweeping stab sequences, a hooky Hammond organ line, shuffled drums and soulful vocal chants:

B U Y // Here.

A R T I S T // Elisa Elisa
T I T L E // Drum Love
L A B E L // Heat Up Music
R E L E A S E // 16th July 2020
C A T N O // HUP023
F O R M A T // Digital/Streaming

T R A C K S //

  1. Drum Love
  2. Get Down

F O L L O W //