A leading symbol of the underground movement of electronic music in Central America, Gonzo-Gonzo defines himself as an innovative founder, producer and performing artist. He takes the reins for a solo EP on the Berlin based label Cacao, which he co-founded in collaboration with K.E.E.N.E.  Packed with melody and groove, the EP comes with two solid originals, plus remixes from El_Txef_A and Zombies in Miami.

We grabbed the first play of the Zombies in Miami Remix. With sun drenched melodics and a quirky laid back groove, this remix blurs the lines between house, disco & electronica with a nostalgic nod to 8-bit, and is a testament to the duo’s unique sound and well honed production skills.

You can buy the release HERE.

ARTIST // Gonzo-Gonzo
TITLE // Libertad inc El_Txef_A & Zombies In Miami Remixes
LABEL // Cacao
CAT // CAO011
RELEASE // 22 June 18

1. America (Original Mix)
2. Libertad (Original Mix)
3. America (El_Txef_A Remix)
4. Libertad (Zombies in Miami Remix)