A beautiful slice of deep melodic house goodness from Horsemen, part of a stunning four track EP on Berlin Bass Collective :


The “Just Fine” EP is as varied musically as it is expertly put together. The contemplative tone of the synthwork is counter balanced by the warmth and chunkiness of the rhythmic work here. The EP was all mixed down to reel to reel giving the whole record that deep warm sound that begs you to keep turning it up.

A R T I S T // Horsemen
T I T L E // Just Fine EP
L A B E L // Berlin Bass Collective
R E L E A S E // 20.12.2019
C A T N O // BBC108
F O R M A T // Digital

T R A C K S //
01. Clouds Of Haze
02. I Am Not For This World
03. Voltaire
04. Early Morning Goodbye

F O L L O W //