Earlier this year, DJ, entrepreneur and environmental advocate Vivie-Ann Bakos AKA BLOND:ISH visited the rubbish dump in Tulum, ahead of a beach clean she was doing with Makers Tulum later that day. Even for someone deeply involved in sustainability, with her own initiative Bye Bye Plastic launching imminently, she was shocked at what she saw. 

Tulum has been the topic of concern for organisations such as The Dark Side of Tulum & Makers Tulum, who try to combat the darker elements beneath the surface of the paradise we see through social media and magazines. There is no recycling programme here, and it’s not government supported, with a drop-off recycling point only open on a Friday, so this abandoned dump is constantly growing.

“Music has brought me here. Not sure how I got balls deep on this mission to rid our scene of Single Use Plastics, but now that’s done, and we’re well on our way planting those seeds that need endless watering’ Viv says. ‘Through this journey around the earth playing music for you guys, I discovered I can only do it, if I become more conscious of my body, constantly finding that balance, but ALSO just as important, doing my part in being that hopeful optimist on regaining balance for this EARTH. 

In the process, I’ve also learned, that everything I learned growing up, a lot of it isn’t true, and that I need to do my own research, and see things with my own eyes then reassess and build a new world from there. A lot of you are on the same page, and travelling has really given me the opportunity to get deeper on subjects, that I have questions on.

I’m working hard on my project Bye Bye Plastic to find solutions to rid our club scene of single use plastics. We have so much to share with you, which will be ready to launch in the next month or so.”

BBP is a plastic transition support system, dedicated to raising awareness and bringing plastic alternative solutions to the clubbing industry. You can follow Viv and the team at @byebyeplasticlife to see how this journey develops, and message the Instagram if you would like to get involved.