Klimt was an Austrian Symbolist painter (July 14 1862 – February 6 1918),  whose most famous works were created at the turn of the 20th century. He pushed boundaries and broke rules to create art that, at the time was viewed as highly controversial and was widely unaccepted until after his death. Almost 100 years on, he is still an inspiration.

Here are our favourites.

birch22 klimt

His famous “The Kiss” has been reproduced thousands of times but its fame has obscured the amazing versatility and scope of his work. His wonderful, rich landscapes are often overlooked.

tree klimt



His unique and original use of gold leaf and other textural effects achieve a sensual and elegant power but his strengths show in other areas also.





crysanth klimt

His study of a sunflower is truly stunning.

malcesine1 klimt