Twenty six years after it’s original release, Jon Beltran has turned back the clock to revisit his seminal mid-90s album ‘Ten Days of Blue‘ with a spectacular live performance, recorded at this year’s Dekmantel in Amsterdam. We get a real feel for the whole gig experience, from the sound of murmured anticipation and intro tape to the resolution at the outro and the main meat of the music itself – lively, optimistic, groovy but understated and chilled at the same time – sitting somewhere between his ambient and harder techno work. This is no doubt among Beltran’s very finest output.

B U Y //

A R T I S T // John Beltran
T I T L E // Ten Days of Blue (Live at Dekmantel)
L A B E L // All Good Music
R E L E A S E // 16th Jan 2023
C A T N O // AGM 004
F O R M A T // Vinyl, Digital
G E N R E // Experimental/Electronic

T R A C K S //
01 Intro
02 Collage Of Dreams
03 December’s Tragedy
04 Deluge
05 Guitaris Breeze
06 Flex
07 Ten Days Of Blue
08 Venom & Wonder
09 Soft Summer
10 Outro

F O L L O W //