Beeyou Records has appropriately had a lot of buzz about it since it’s conception on the island of Ibiza. The label, founded by Laidlaw and Jamie Mannion, has a simple yet effective ethos, quoted from their socials here “The world we live in can sometimes be dull and a place of control, so we aim to spread light and life by showcasing the talent & individuality of each artist and be a platform for people to express and BEE themselves. The bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. Follow the bee to discover yourself!”

The first release, the Nectar EP comes from Laidlaw, Ben Ulrich and a two tracks from Kesh. Each track bringing something unique and special to this ludicrously tasty package they’ve put together.

A1 aptly called ‘Be Yourself’ from co-founder Laidlaw bringing serious heat from the start. Infectious grooving hats with the sort swing producers spend hours trying to achieve, paired with tight percussive hits dancing along with the effected beats, leaving you in anticipation of the funk laden bass which compliments the fantastically groovy drum work in the track. This one sure to get some hands raised and feet moving on a lot of dance floors over the summer

A2 from Ben Ulrich is titled ‘Bedun’. A more ambient feel instantly with this track, distant sounding pads and jittering effects create a beautiful soundscape for the crisp, sharp hi hats and cowbells to dance across. A dreamy masterpiece which will work on a peak time dance floor or as an after hours weapon.

The B side is looked after by Kesh who treats us to ‘Enebodiom’ as the B1 and what a track it is. The bass just makes you want to move from the outset, paired with the almost perfect vocal cuts, silky smooth chords and stabs which glide over the rest of the elements working together in perfect harmony to create an overwhelmingly feel good groover here.

B2 also from Kesh comes in the form of ‘We Love You Michael’. The drums have some serious groove here, fidgety, fast paced, with intelligently placed hits that all contribute to the irresistible swing which gets you either shuffling around in your seat or dancing like a man possessed. The bass line equally fidgety and luxuriously luscious and groovy chords, works an absolute treat here. A fitting final track to such a well crafted, diverse sounding and all round belter of an EP.

You can grab the EP >>> HERE