With a penchant for finely tuned analogue sounds and a discography spanning two decades, Noah Pred delivers his first full length release since 2013 on innovative German imprint Biotop, whose ethos is “art without borders by true individuals”.

Concrescence is a sophisticated journey through spacious yet intricate electro and hypnotic acid house alongside rugged dubby workouts, and is a testament to Noah’s craftsmanship and versatility as a producer.

Referring to the process of ”the growing together of parts originally separate”, the narrative thread of Concrescence is woven through Pred’s deft combination of disparate production techniques and stylistic approaches. Without vocalists on hand, Noah lets his machines do the talking, wielding them expressively in service of a clear aesthetic vision, evoking a wide range of images, emotions, and dreamlike states throughout the future-forward full-length.

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