In the current saturated music market, truly unique projects are becoming more & more difficult to discover, but when they appear they are a true breath of fresh air. And such is the case with the second release on Berlin’s Ecke Records, coming courtesy of Xantrax & Johnny Counce, aka Squallfront, who offer up their two-track EP, Stormin. A mind blowing journey through Electro, Rave and Electronica, these two originals tracks are as cutting edge and experimental as they are beautiful. The release is also accompanied by stunning hand crafted artwork – the second in a series of works by Ben Fables, standing as a visual interpretation of the music itself, a theme that will continue with the label.

A-Side The Bells Straddles the boundaries between Electro, Rave & UK Bass with a twisted arrangement laid out over seven-minutes via syncopated, dynamic drums, murky bass tones and choppy rave style string samples.
On the flip-side we have ‘ The Crack ’ laying focus on off-kilter, groove-step percussion and the emergence of 8-bit style chords hinting towards the deep-dystopian electronica days of old. The composition was recorded in the cave, an old underground wine cellar in the south of France. The distorted cracking comes from a dusty old analogue electric organ, bugging-out whilst gained the max. Playing powerful chords on the lower keys caused the inner workings & chassis of the old organ to shake profusely adding a further distinctive character to this already forward thinking production.

The team are also planning an EVENT to celebrate the release, on 7th December in Berlin, with UntilMyHeartStops Joe Ellis.

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A R T I S T // Ecke Records
T I T L E // Stormin
L A B E L // Squallfront
R E L E A S E // 4 Dec 2018
C A T N O // ECK002
F O R M A T // 12’’, digital

T R A C K S //
1) The Bells
2) The Crack