UK based record label Comma Traxx unveils a new digital only side project ‘Border Recordings’. Exploring the sounds that are moving through the underground, one country at a time. First up on the imprint, the label is staying close to home with Unito, a compilation of various artists based in the United Kingdom. Thirteen producers from mixed musical backgrounds have been brought together to tell a story; pushing genres and expanding into new territories, resulting in an eclectic package of credible underground tracks with something for every mood and floor.

We have the first play of Quelaan‘s deep experimental cut KTKTS, with a glitching groove and wobbling bassline, this is cutting edge leftfield techno with a nod to drum’n’bass. One for the heads…

B U Y //

B U Y // http:/

A R T I S T // Various Artists
T I T L E // Unito VA
L A B E L // Border Recordings
R E L E A S E // 4th May 2020
C A T N O // BR001
F O R M A T // Digital

F O L L O W //