Alexander Church’s Configurations of Self imprint drops a split release between Church and James Welsh. The label’s last three releases, ‘Exploring Fear and Sadness’ parts 1 to 3 have seen Church deliver originals while Phantasy artist Welsh remixes but ‘Edge of Awareness’ sees the producers both delivering two original works within one EP.

We have the first play of James Welsh‘s ‘Deep Reflections’, delivers a spaced-out exercise in combining warmth and minimalism with a track that, via cosseting chords and synthesised vocal tones, drifts breezily between melancholia and uplift throughout.

B U Y // Beatport

A R T I S T // Alexander Church and James Welsh
T I T L E // Edge of Awareness
L A B E L // Configurations Of Self
R E L E A S E // July 17th, 2020
F O R M A T // Digital

T R A C K S //
Alexander Church – Edge of Awareness
James Welsh – Depth Reflections
Alexander Church – Felt Sense
James Welsh – Surface Feelings

F O L L O W //