French producer HRN delivers his debut LP ‘The Future Of Serbia’ on Parallel Discs, marking a strong return after three years of studio experimentation.

Covering a breadth of styles from deep electronica to futuristic electro, and even giving a nostalgic nod to 90s rave at times, this album demonstrates the versatility and strength of HRNs production skills and musical palette, as well as prescribing perfectly to the ethos of Constant Circles – sounds of the past, present and future crafted together into a beautiful and emotional journey.

We have the exclusive first play of ‘Straight DX’ – a stunning cut of deep electronica, with layers of melodics building emotionally over a stripped down analogue beat. Pure bliss.

B U Y //
A R T I S T // HRN
T I T L E // The Future of Serbia
L A B E L // Parallel Discs
R E L E A S E // January 15th 2021
F O R M A T // Digital

T R A C K S //

  1. November 19th
  2. Straight DX
  3. Talkin’ Under Water
  4. Last Call
  5. Temperance Club
  6. Pho
  7. The Future of Serbia
  8. Dask
  9. Slick Sirens Unity
  10. Take Dat
  11. Pretty Sharp

F O L L O W //