Created entirely out of foraged field recordings from his wild travels through four remote locations in Alberta and Quebec, Calgary-born pianist and composer Höhn unveils his sublime and self-titled seven-track album. A truly original work with the natural world at its heart, every track is entirely composed of its own location’s sounds, making each sonic atmosphere a unique artifact. Rippling streams, insects, distant fireworks, tossed firewood, waves crashing, birds calling and kids yapping are all redefined and stretched across the keyboard to make their own synth scales or are warped to become kick drums and hi-hats. On full listen, it feels like a real work of art.

“This album’s deep connection to nature through the beautiful, remote environments in which its source material was recorded is one way that I want to bridge the gap between art and the natural world,” says Eric. “I want to remind listeners that everyday sounds are art in and of themselves, bring my audience closer to the natural world, and inspire them to live more sustainable lifestyles.”

We are excited to premiere the expansive and emotive “Scarp”, a beautiful deep cut with heavenly pads and tumbling, rainy keys over a jostling breakbeat:

A R T I S T // Höhn
T I T L E // Höhn
R E L E A S E // 31st March 2023
C A T N O // STNS014
F O R M A T // Digital
G E N R E // Electronica, Melodic House

T R A C K S //
01 Red Earth Creek
02 Oka
03 Scarp
04 Calgary
05 La Crête
06 Improvement District
07 Egypt Lake

F O L L O W //