Trippin Jaguar and Small Solar System Body join forces to deliver “A Space Calamity” a retro-futuristic sci-fi epic, delivered in two parts on Amsterdam imprint The Other Eye.

It tells a story of lost machine intelligence, of dark neon-lit cities and vast stretches of seeming nothingness. It’s carefully crafted sound design and vintage synths emerge you in a new reality with unlimited possibilities. Grant yourself this trip through warped electronica, lush ambient and lo-fi breakbeats and find out for yourself what happens when psychedelia and science fiction collide.

We have the first play of the stunning “Heartbroken Machinery”, dropping on the first part of the project release on 20th May:

‘’The transmission was sent aeons ago by a mysterious vessel that had an A.I. so advanced, that it developed self awareness over time. There used to be two ships, paired to each other, working on their missions together as one. The two ships fell in love and stayed together, communicated and loved each other for millions of years. After a near-fatal incident, the two ships lost each other in the vast reaches of interstellar space. The vessel, although in a state of digital hibernation, constantly sends out a distress call, a constant digital cry for the love once lost.’’

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A R T I S T // Trippin Jaguar and Small Solar System Body
T I T L E // A Space Calamity
L A B E L // The Other Eye
R E L E A S E // 20th May
F O R M A T // Digital

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Trippin Jaguar:

Small Solar System Body // David Hülsken

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