Another great release from Linearis on Berlin label Made of CONCRETE. We grabbed the first play of “Acidmosphere” which, true to its name, boasts acid tinged atmospheres in abundance. A body-active track, it keeps energy high with a relentless beat and spacious, ambient pads.

A R T I S T // Linearis
T I T L E // Second EP (Incl. Alek S Remix)
L A B E L // made of CONCRETE
R E L E A S E // 18th of January 2019
C A T N O // MOCD007
F O R M A T // Digital

T R A C K S //
1. Linearis – Acidmosphere
2. Linearis – Second
3. Linearis – Amount
4. Linearis – Second (Alek S Redub)