Rough Recordings and it’s Rough Limited sub-label was launched by Tobias Hölzel aka Tobi Danton and Daniel Napolitano in 2014 out of Stuttgart, Germany and over the years has release its contemporary twist on classic house sounds from the likes of Ruff Stuff, Black Loops, Diego Krause, Kevin Over and more.

Here the label welcomes several of the aforementioned back for the fourth instalment of its Rough Cutz series. Across the package Tobi Danton, Annéke Laurent, Dub Striker, Kevin Over, dotSTRIPE, Frag Maddin and Tilman deliver raw deep house cuts employing the classic tropes of swinging rhythm’s, airy chord sequences and hazy vocals.

We have the first play of Dub Striker‘s disco tinged house cut, ‘Blurred Vision’:

B U Y //

A R T I S T // Various Artists
T I T L E // Rough Cutz #Four
L A B E L // Rough Limited
R E L E A S E // 29th June Vinyl / 31st July Digital
F O R M A T // Vinyl/Digital

T R A C K S //

  1. Dub Striker – Blurred Vision
  2. Kevin Over – Ends With A Kiss
  3. dotSTRIPE feat. Shamiro – Guess What
  4. Annéke Laurent – Moon Driver
  5. Ruff Stuff – Metro Alchemy
  6. Tobi Danton – Basement Stories
  7. Tilman – Pieces
  8. Frag Maddin – Monicon

F O L L O W //