Night Tales (London) resident Kilig debuts on Silver Bear Recordings with ‘Blue Coat, Red Dress’, a stunning four track EP, blurring the lines between industrial, minimal and ambient and forging a new-take on London’s signature rave sound.

The detailed production, lush ambience and DIY percussive sounds give the whole release a genuine warmth and uniqueness. Beautifully crafted melodics are layered over heavy grooves, with nods to house, bass and breaks. This is a well rounded release that delivers an emotive listening journey but packs enough punch for late night dance floors.

We have the first play of the title track, which opens with emotive, intriguing bells and pads, building into a crescendo of breaksy drum grooves and crispy sub bass patterns.

Listen on SPOTIFY.

A R T I S T // Kilig
T I T L E // Blue Coat, Red Dress
L A B E L // Silver Bear
R E L E A S E // 10/03/2020
C A T N O // BEAR0017D
F O R M A T // Digital

T R A C K S //
1. Blue Coat, Red Dress
2. Chemical Friends
3. Z
4. NotForYou

F O L L O W //