When listening to his own personal description of the debut LP that Tim Green is unveiling on the infamous Cocoon, you can tell from the offset that it is going to be something very special.


‘My concept and direction for ‘Her Future Ghost’ was to write a film score for a film that doesn’t actually exist,’ says Tim. ‘As an avid film score fan, I wanted to create a body of work that took certain typical soundtrack traits. For example, different motifs that repeat throughout, like character themes which evolve and mutate as well as a narrative that develops through the music.’

Rare is it nowadays that many artists choose to do a full LP, rather than a 2-4 track release, and certainly not one with a concept as bold as this. Tim creates a piece here which is perfectly suited to continual listening as it is for hearing them individually as stand alone pieces. Many tracks would be equally suitable in a club environment, on a dance floor, as they would be for a movie soundtrack, or a long drive, or almost any situation you could choose due to the diversity on this album. A seriously impressive collection of tracks, which feels like a cinematic journey when given a full listen from start to finish, using a multitude of textures to take you on what feels like a musical and emotional tour de force.

New Life‘ starts like an opening credits scene laying foundations of truly epic proportions for the feast ahead. Expansive atmospherics and deep chords build an air of suspense and leave you tingling for more, the perfect soundscape to open a journey full of twists and turns.

Then leading into title track ‘Her Future Ghost‘, a steady shaker builds on the ambience of the opening scene, bringing a subtle groove, with a tight kick and hi hats beginning to drive the energy level higher, whilst not distracting from the chords and themes developed in the opening track. Breakdowns in this track truly do deconstruct the elements, exposing the beauty of some of the textures used here.

Colliding‘ is a cinematic jazz piece, based around the main background layer of the horns, add to by a constantly evolving arpeggiator which smooths and roughens intermittently, filtering its way through the track as the drums increase in veracity as more shakers and hats increase the pace. The horns deepen as the track draws to a close, giving a more moody vibe to the end of the track.

The Opera‘ opens on more mellow territory,  using layers of strings and pads combined with subtle vinyl crackles and white noises to create a hazy foundation which is built on by the slowly modulating arpeggios which increase with intensity as the track builds towards the 4 minute mark, before slowly dissipating to leave the strings to finish the track, with an abundance of warm chords.

Echo‘ does just that. Percussive elements of the track echo and bounce around the main rhythm forged by the keys, continuing the theme of arpeggiators and broad pads, creating mountainous atmospheres which conjure up images of huge open landscapes in the mind. As the track builds it turns to a slightly darker territory with the introduction of a distorted synth bursting out occasionally over more complex rhythms.

We then roll into ‘The Incident‘ which has an element of the ‘Drive’ soundtrack about it. An emotional synth drenched number, with hypnotic repetitions drawing you in ever closer, gently modulating filters throughout to let elements soar within breaks in the track.

Evaded‘ slows the tempo right down, bringing more industrial vibes, crossed with percussive work with an African influence. A dark, moody intro with a heavily effected synth sounding like something straight out of a horror movie, leads us gradually towards some less menacing layers in the form of low, warm, sub bass and the ever present theme of arpeggios and synths working over the top to provide a glimmer of positivity in what is a bleak soundscape, textured with terror.

Same Life‘ is a complete contrast to the previous track and takes us back into a far more serene palette of sounds, slowly, gently, plucked guitar combined with a bit of white noise gradually builds and forms the basis for the intro of the following piece.

They Want Us To Fall Down‘ takes the atmospherics from ‘Same Life’ and slowly introduces as smorgasbord of percussive hits, hats dancing across an ever present distorted loop which could be compared to a “whipping” sound. The theme of repetition is kept rolling here with the keys that creep into the mix and become a focal point of the track in the breakdown, ever present, slowly becoming more soaked in reverb, creating a vast emptiness by removing drums one by one, all in preparation of the drop where the kick punches back in bringing the beat back in full force.

Final track ‘He Fell‘ increases the pace and has the feeling of a chase scene about it in parts, the hats feeling like they are running away from something, as do the synths, ever increasing in intensity, until it all falls away, leaving a few bare elements in the breakdown, the piano keys which play a pivotal part in the journey from start to finish of the album, strike deep chords as the synths around creep back up, intensity building as the bass returns almost like a warning, preparing you for the imminent drop, and ultimately, preparing you for the end of this encapsulating journey, which comes with a serving of breakbeat goodness, reminiscent of 90s jungle breaks, another genre defying moment in this truly stunning work.

A seriously impressive first LP from Tim Green,  which shows his capability to produce an abundance of multi genre gems, whether they be fierce sounding, full on, menacing moments of the soundtrack, or the empty expansiveness of some of the more tranquil pieces, this album covers every base. A fantastic piece of continuous listening for those who like to listen to an album start to finish in its entirety, but also as mentioned before, many a track that DJ’s will find space for in their sets in the club, as this is truly versatile body of work deserves to be heard in all it’s beauty in any environment possible.

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