CC favourite Nie Wieder Schlafen makes a welcome return to it’s output, bringing the notorious Belgian live artist Varaz to the reins, with a premium vinyl release in a heartfelt tribute to a dear friend, whose memory inspired the creation of this beautiful work of art, released on stunning white marble wax.

Filled with emotion, groove and melody this is a sublime listen from beginning to end, a subtly crafted journey through ambient, electronica and deep house.

Varaz gently leads the A side with 2 ambient affairs, “Agora” and “All I Hear,” sophisticated and textured soundscapes that invite the listener into a contemplative and introspective state. Varaz’s deft touch blends ethereal tones with intricate soundscapes, creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, followed by “Perfume,” a deep house groover with a sublime bassline rhythm that leads the melody, alongside gently whispered vocals.

But the B-side of the EP is s when Varaz picks up the dynamics and the music really comes to life. “Cloud9” is a dreamy and eclectic story that excites with long-lasting pad hits, crisp percussion, and intricate details in the background.

The final track, “5tuck in a Loop,” is a fun and rolling dancefloor tune with a retro synthy vibe that will leave the listener grooving.

Get your copy of the vinyl or digital release HERE

A R T I S T // Varaz
L A B E L // Nie Wieder Schlafen
R E L E A S E // 2023-08-21 (Vinyl) ; 2023-10-02 (digital)
C A T N O // NWS035
F O R M A T // Vinyl (WAV/MP3 later in October)
G E N R E // House / Deep House

T R A C K S //

04/ CLOUD 9
05/ 5tuck in a Loop

F O L L O W //