Charles Lamoureux AKA Shore is about to release his first EP Life Is A Blur. If the Parisian producer is making his debut on Pont Neuf Records, he is not however a total stranger to the French electronic music scene, having worked for several years as an artist liaison at the Badaboum nightclub in Paris. Today, his first maxi Life Is A Blur appears as a synthesis of the universes he has been able to rub shoulders with and make his own: between house, electronica and ambient. His debut EP Life Is A Blur represents a new chapter for the artist who lives and breathes music and club culture.

This first EP is paradoxically like the end of a cycle. The entry into the last year of my twenties, and the first time I can release my music. When the EP comes out, I will be twenty-nine years old. Almost exactly ten years ago, my best friend showed me Ableton for the first time. Since then, I’ve made it my almost daily space of expression. The EP evokes for me the essence of the emotions that have driven me to make music over the years. Life Is A Blur is a reference to time passing too quickly, to the accumulation of small, blurred moments that tint the memories of an era with a particular colour.” – Shore.

Our favorite track from this release, ‘Constant Motion’ transports the listener straight into a club atmosphere while bringing a certain airy sweetness through the melodic main theme. The lo-fi groove and echoing synths all rest on a club-crafted backbone, each element linked by a constantly changing musical rhythm that showcases a sonic diversity few producers can attest to. Diverse and eclectic, Shore himself says it best: “this track gives me the feeling of constant change, constant movement“.

A R T I S T // Shore
T I T L E // Life is a Blur
L A B E L // Pont Neuf Records
R E L E A S E // May 26th, 2023
C A T N O // PN023
F O R M A T // Digital / Vinyl
G E N R E // House / Electronica / Ambient

01 / Intro (Ambient)
02 / Constant Motion (House / Electronica)
03 / So Low (House / Electronica)
04 / Interlude (Ambient)
05 / Thinking Out Loud (Electronica / Trip-Hop)
06 / Ascent (Melodic House / Electronica)

F O L L O W //

B U Y & S T R E A M //