The 8th instalment of Deep Site‘s ‘Vinylized’ limited edition 12″ series sees German producer Frankman and Catelan Alex V join forces to supply four generous portions of Deep House dope on wax.

For a taste of the EP, we have the exclusive first play of Frankman’s ‘Nothing But Darkness’, providing a moodier, more introspective feel with soul-stirring synth chimes cutting through the groove like the sun through clouds:

A DJ and producer since the early 90s, Frankman was heavily involved in shaping Leipzig’s unique Deep House scene. Frankman has held residencies at the city’s most iconic venues since ’92, founding The ‘FM Musik’ imprint with Ralf Bürger in 1998. He’s since gone on to perform all over the country and release on mythic imprints such as Dessous and Cocoon.

This is one for the deep underground lovers.

B U Y //

A R T I S T // Frankman vs Alex V
T I T L E // The Art Of Deep
L A B E L // Deep Site Vinylized
R E L E A S E // 6th October 2023
C A T N O // DSV008
F O R M A T // Vinyl
G E N R E // Deep House

T R A C K S //
Alex V – Impulse (Original Mix
Frankman – Lonely Move (Original Mix)
Frankman – Nothing But Darkness (Original Mix)
Alex V – Aura (Original Mix)

F O L L O W //