Long-time collaborators Alex Over & Andrew Shobeiri launch Over’s brand new Perpetual Collective label with a pair of outstanding tracks, created on a range of hardware and software with found sounds, live instruments and bespoke sound banks.

We have the first play of ‘Compass’ – a perfectly stripped-back, rough-edged house cut in the style of STL. The rugged bass and scuffed-up kicks are softened by beautiful melodies that bring hope, optimism, and absorbing listening.

Alex Over has set up Perpetual Collective to have more control over his output and platform new talent. The label intends to be staunchly independent, have no fixed sound, and be a place for innovative, unconstrained music. And this release is a stylish opening EP from a label that already promises plenty.

A R T I S T // Alex Over & Andrew Shobeiri
T I T L E // 001
L A B E L // Perpetual Collective
R E L E A S E // 25th June 2021
C A T N O // PHS002
F O R M A T // Digital

T R A C K S //
01 Tides
02 Compass

F O L L O W //