Fans of Constant Circles will recognise rising stars UNDERHER from their incredible debut track ‘Blow’, which formed part of our recent SPIRALS compilation. Since then they have caused a stir by giving away a full album for free, securing a number of live show dates and quickly gaining a loyal following of fans. We caught up with them to find out more about their past, present and future, and invited them along for a guest mix on our radio show.

So how did you guys meet and how long have you been making & performing music, both separately and together?

We met through mutual friends in the fall of 2014. There was an instant click musically, and we decided to pursue it. Since that first meeting, we have been producing song after song despite the distance.

Kalden has been making techno music for the past 10 years as “Kalden Bess”, traveled all over the world and had the chance to produce and collaborate with some of the best talent in the techno industry.

Jessica has been singing and performing since the age of 5 and has been consistently active in professional recording studios, plays, competitions, festivals, TV appearances and live performances.

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Tell us about the concept of UNDERHER.. where did the name come from and what makes you unique?

Kalden had thought up the concept of UNDERHER before we even met. The name just fit and seemed to encompass our energy, our story. UNDERHER offers the both of us an outlet for the deeper, darker thoughts to come out, without judgment. We enjoy sharing our raw selves to the world, and welcome anyone who feels the same.

You are each stationed in quite different parts of the world, how does that work in terms of making and performing your music?

Technology works wonders in that department. We steadily exchange ideas and concepts online and send our music back and forth as we work. Face to face is obviously ideal, but it’s not so bad. We do need to practice our live performances in person though, but starting this summer we will be living together and making music every day.

How would you describe your sound?

Sensual, dark and raw. We’d say it’s an honest expression of who we are.

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When you perform, is it always a ‘live’ show? What does this involve?

We enjoy living the sound as it happens, which is why live performances are so appealing to us. Vocals, drum pads and piano are incorporated in our live set, improvised as we go. It’s great to get lost in it.

What would be your dream gig and who would be on the line up with you?

I don’t think we have an ideal gig per se. We appreciate the vibe and connection we feel with our fans and listeners whether it be in a somber basement or at a huge festival. The feeling is what counts.

What has been the most memorable UNDERHER moment so far?

Our first show was pretty special. That performance brought together all those hours spent making music for over a year. Seeing the crowd’s reaction hearing our sound for the first time was magical and it made this whole journey real.

Can you each tell us a deep, dark secret about yourselves?

Jessica: I actually can’t stand vocally expressing my feelings and emotions face to face.

Kalden: I attract the craziest women, which can be good and crazy bad sometimes.

What do you have coming up in the near future in terms of releases and gigs?

We will be releasing two more albums for free this year to complete our trilogy. A tour is planned for the summer coming in several European countries.

Your guest mix for Constant Circles Radio was a special one, as it contained only your own material – tell us about how you put this together and some of the tracks you included?

We are really happy to have been a part of Constant Circles radio. It’s the first mix we’ve released online but our guest mix is not a real representation of our live act. It’s more of a DJ mix including most tracks from our first album ‘Dark Souls’.

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