Microfunk Extended unveils an exciting Remix EP featuring Prescribe Da Vibe, Foans, and Hanut Munson. This dynamic release breathes new life into tracks from the label’s back catalogue, showcasing fresh horizons for the Microfunk sound.

Prescribe Da Vibe transforms Microfunk Crew and Robert Manos’s collaboration ‘December’ into a UK garage stepper, infusing a unique funky flair that showcases his distinctive touch, recognized from his releases on Kiwi Rekords and 2tuf 4u. Robert Manos’ vocal gives the remix another layer of vibe, sounding more jazzy than ever.

Foans takes ‘Clair De Lune’ by Bop & Subwave into breakbeat territory, crafting an immersive atmospheric experience with snappy lo-fi drums.

Meanwhile, Hanut Munson works his magic on ‘Insight’ by Bop, creating a dubby downtempo journey that unfolds with hypnotic allure. The transformation is nothing short of extraordinary, as Hanut Munson invites audiences to lose themselves in the ethereal ambience of the reimagined IDM track.
Macrofunk EP volume 2 will be available on 15th December on all DSPs. The remix by Prescribe Da Vibe is available right now with the pre-order of the EP. Grab it here.

A R T I S T // Microfunk Crew
T I T L E // Macrofunk EP Vol. 2
L A B E L // Microfunk
R E L E A S E // 15 December 2023
C A T N O // ADAM009
F O R M A T // Vinyl, Digital
G E N R E // Electronica, House

T R A C K S //
Microfunk Crew & Robert Manos – December (Prescribe Da Vibe Remix)

Bop x Subwave – Clair De Lune (Foans Remix)

Bop – Insight (Hanut Manson Remix)

F O L L O W //