Fresh off their outstanding performance at Life and Death’s hedonistic circus in Amsterdam, Marvin & Guy return to DJ Tennis‘ pioneering imprint for their second offering, delivering three superbly original and beautifully crafted cuts of deep synth led house, including collaborations with Allo and Perel.

Innovative sound design and intricate melodics are a theme throughout the release, clearly evident in the piano led opening track ‘Notte’ feat. Allo, and the complex atmospherics of Stige (9AM Mix).

However the winner here for us is ‘Idra’, which features Techno-Chanteuse, Perel, and takes on a slightly darker tone, balancing effervescent, nouveau-synth passages with a cosmic, spoken-word recital.

 In the words of Marvin & Guy themselves: “We took some time away of from this world, beamed to the furthest reaches of the Solar System. We explored all that surrounded the imposing dwarf planet. The orbiting natural satellites stood out the most. Crystalline in matter, attracting our deepest inner desires – they never saw us coming. Thus we became Solar Warriors.”
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A R T I S T // Marvin & Guy
T I T L E // Solar Warriors
L A B E L // Life and Death
R E L E A S E // December 7th, 2018
C A T N O // LAD042D

T R A C K S //
A1. Notte ft. Allo
B1. Idra ft. Perel
B2. Stige (9am Mix)