Friends and bandmates since they were 15, there’s a bond between the duo T.M.A, which means they have an intuitive understanding of one another. In the studio this has led to the production of spellbinding collection of music, full of emotional depth and dynamic rhythms. The pair play live organic instruments, guitars and drums, which they merge with an electronic setup to produce a warm, human sound. This is evident in their latest EP for Hommage, Aitne, where they have delivered two stellar original tracks demonstrating the breadth & depth of their production skills & musical palette, accompanied by a remix from label heads Monkey Safari.

We have the first play of lead track Aitne, which harnesses the duo’s instinctive use of melody and rhythm to cultivate the kind of atmosphere that envelops you from the off. A wistful, impish vocal clips drifts in and out of the background occasionally, coaxing you into a trance-like state, while the beats keep your body moving. Tension, drama and simmering emotion make this one a fantastic start to the EP.


A R T I S T // T.M.A
T I T L E // Aitne
L A B E L // Hommage
R E L E A S E D A T E //
March 20, 2020 (Beatport & Spotify)
April 3, 2020 (all other stores)
C A T N O // Home041
F O R M A T // Digital

T R A C K S //

  1. Aitne
  2. Eirene
  3. Aitne (Monkey Safari Remix)

F O L L O W //