With their second appearance on Récit de Voyage Italian duo Orion deliver a full EP, full of lowkey atmospherics, cool hues and textures and sublime frequencies designed to caress your ear drums with four original cuts demonstrating their production prowess.

We have the first play of JRB, a spacious organic sounding production which showcases Orion’s dexterity. The atmosphere is light, shaving away the low frequencies to allow the top end to really flourish. A couple of vocal snippets are used to great effect, and the duo keep things very focused making this a repetitive, hypnotic trip into the deeper side of club music.

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A R T I S T // Orion
T I T L E // Look At Things
L A B E L // RDV Music [Récit de Voyage]
R E L E A S E // April 17th, 2020
C A T N O // RDV06
F O R M A T // Vinyl

T R A C K S //
A1 Windom Earl
A2 Samui
B1 Global Channel

F O L L O W //