Returning to Redlight Music after a phenomenal debut release on the label in the shape of ‘Last Night’s Symphonie’, Marc Brauner delivers a fresh 4 track EP titled ‘Old Habits’. Here we premiere the house and breakbeat infused title track.

‘Old Habits’ opens with deep pad chords which are reminiscent of early 2000’s and late 90’s drum ‘n’ bass, before a tight running hat begins and teases into the crisp break, filled with razor sharp snares. Vocals echo and subtle arpeggiators run in the background creating a dream like base for the ever building drum beat, growing with veracity until the breakdown. High pitched strings which filter and pan as the bass dances through the break, gradually leading to the reintroduction of the pounding breakbeat, making you want to rock your head so hard you could give yourself whiplash.

A high level of production and attention to detail are a mainstay of the German producers productions on the whole EP, with a hat tilt to the “old school” in a lot of  the textures and vibes explored here, with this gem of a title track being no exception. A well executed throwback to the glory days of rave.

You can buy the EP >>> HERE