Hamburg-based Mireia Records announce their thirteenth release, with two original tracks from Julian Stetter, which are reinterpreted by SONNS and Matt Karmil, dropping on both vinyl and digital formats.

We have the first play of  the digital bonus track from Matt Karmil – A jump up jungle cut that gives the package a meatier eclectic edge. Classic jungle samples chop in and out of the frantic percussion, hi-hats and snares reign supreme with an abrasive and booming tom booming in at intervals:

A R T I S T // Julian Stetter
T I T L E // Sensual EP inc Matt Karmil & SONNS Remixes
L A B E L // Mireia Records
R E L E A S E // TBC
C A T N O // MIR13

T R A C K S //
Rumors (SONNS Remix)
Sensual (Matt Karmil Remix)
Sensual (Matt Karmil Jungle Version)