London based imprint and events brand Comma Traxx kicks off with a debut EP from four fast rising talents in the form of Mehlor, Jake Flory, Matt Wills and S.ONN who take a track each on this digital and vinyl release. They all have their own unique takes on minimal, house and tech, and the tracks have already been supported by the likes of De Walta and Cosmjn.

We grabbed the first play of “B Baby” by UK based newcomer S.ONN — a brilliantly chunky track with kicks that make you move. It oozes a slick minimal house style that rules in hotspots like Berlin, with deft synths permeating your soul.

Comma Traxx aims to find artists across the UK who are fresh and innovative. “The idea of the label came from being inspired by the ethos of the early days of dubstep” say the team behind it. “The music being a very family oriented cultural movement within local clubs, DJs and music lovers coming together to celebrate and embrace the new sounds being created.” Like the party of the same name and their Soundcloud Podcast series ‘CommaCast’, the label will deal with in a range of musical styles and will kick off with a launch party on 5th April 2019, at Cell 200 in Kings Cross, London, with all artists playing.

A R T I S T // Various Artists
T I T L E // Comma Traxx Vol. 1
L A B E L // Comma Traxx
R E L E A S E // 1st March (Vinyl)/ 12th April (Digital)
C A T N O // CT001
F O R M A T // Vinyl & Digital

T R A C K S //
1. Mehlor – In Detroit
2. Jake Flory – Try This
3. Matt Wills – Timepiece
4. S.ONN – B Baby