Detroit’s newest dance imprint Choose Better Friends deliver their debut release, “ Loitering in Public Spaces ,” by DJ/producer and label co-owner, Bale Defoe. The latest offering from the Detroit native is a prime display of how he continues to develop his sound and techniques, being influenced by his travels abroad and the changing landscape of the Motorcity. “Experiencing the culture of south London and returning to Detroit produced an outcome that pushed me and my sound even further that I expected,” says Bale Defoe. “As both cities continue to change everyday, this record represents the culture that will always remain.”

We grabbed the first play of the lead track ““Waytoomany (treesinPeckham),” a song defined by thick, rolling basslines, intricate hi-hats and smooth vocal samples that delicately wind their way into the threads of the track.


A R T I S T // Bale Defoe
T I T L E // Loitering in Public Spaces
L A B E L // Choose Better Friends
R E L E A S E // Out Now
C A T N O // cbfr001
F O R M A T // Digital & Vinyl

T R A C K S //
A1 – Waytoomany (treesinPeckham)
A2 – Bounceback1
B1 – RainSnowSleet
B2 – Bounceback2

F O L L O W T H E A R T I S T & L A B E L //