London Duo Blind Motive have been making waves on the house & techno scene, with solid support from the likes of Mano Le Tough, Dense & Pika & Maribou State. Ahead of their remix on Constant Circles, we invited them along for an interview and a guest mix on the radio show.

Firstly tell us about your background – who are you guys and when/how did you start working together?

Ryan: We met at university, I was actually making like hard electro house and it was going alright, Danny booked me for a show he was putting on and that’s how we met. We stayed friends throughout Uni, and then Danny’s girlfriend at the time kicked him out, he came to live on my sofa for a bit (turning into 6 months haha) and then we decided to start Blind Motive.

What is your production process when making tracks, do you each have separate roles?

Danny: Ryan is definitely the main producer out of the two of us where he spends a lot of his time in the studio honing our sound. I tend to dabble in the actual production where possible, but I’m more of an arranger and ideas man, where I start a track and then we work on it together.

What is the most important piece of kit in your studio?

Ryan: We recently came into possession of a Moog Sub 37, which we couldn’t live without now. But to be fair, I write a lot on the go, so my Beyerdynamic headphones have served me really well also.

Danny: Obviously I have to go with the Moog Sub 37 too, it’s just a brilliant piece of kit that you can really dig your teeth into to create unique sounds. Similar to Ryan, I write most of my stuff on the go, so my HD25’s are my most favoured as I use them to produce and DJ with too.

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Can you describe your sound in three words?

Emphatic, Minimal, Techno (Thanks Charlie Tee).

What has been the biggest or most proud moment in your career so far?

Danny: I know it sounds a little ass kissy but signing with Ollie and Dave, our management has definitely been my biggest moment so far, because without those guys we wouldn’t be making any of the movements we are right now. Ollie’s hard work in getting our name in everyone’s inboxes and in conversations has been brilliant so far.

Which of you has the most annoying habit and what is it?

Ryan: Danny snores, LOUD. Like on the volume spectrum and aeroplane and a fog horn would both cower in fear at the power that Danny can make – He’s gonna roast me now so I’ll brace for it hahaha.

Danny: Haha, Ryan swings his head back and forth like a rag doll on acid when he’s had a drink, and always headbuts my shoulder into a resting position!! Such a weird and annoying trait, but I can’t imagine it beating my snoring!

How do you perform as a duo on stage? How would you describe your sets?

Ryan: We never really plan a set, it’s just a starting tune and a finishing tune and then usually we just back to back and bounce ideas off each other. We had a guy once come over at the end of a set and tell us we both play a really similar sound but from opposite ends of the spectrum and it just seems to work. He could have just been pissed but it seemed right at the time.

Danny: Similar to what Ryan mentioned, we totally go with the flow. We pick what we want to start with and end on and the rest just flows. We have such an energy between us too, where we don’t really know what either one of us is going to play, so you often see snaps of us having a massive laugh on stage because one of us has played a wicked record we’d not heard before – it really adds to the thrill of the set.

What would be your dream gig and who would be on the line up?

Danny: There’s a whole host of dream gigs I have, Dekmantel, Awakenings, Kappa Futur Festival, along with main room sets at Printworks, Tresor, Warehouse Project and Amnesia all tick the box.

Ryan: Have you seen the line up for Field Day this year?! Outside of Techno, I’m a big fan of experimental and more ambient electronic music and the idea of Jon Hopkins, Aphex Twin, Marcel Detteman and Moderat on the same day is mad. That being said, my dream gig is probably Awakenings in the Gashouder. Us (obviously) Tale of us, Maceo Plex, and Ben Klock.

What do you have coming up in terms of releases and gigs?

Show wise we have a nice little run of gigs coming up in April and May to coincide with a release on Natura Viva Black with XOYO for the EP release party, a headline show in Birmingham, and the 103 at Ministry of Sound amongst others. We also have a remix coming out with you guys, which we’re really excited for everyone to hear.

How did you put together your guest mix for the radio show & what have you included – any exclusives or surprises?

The mix was put together in our home studio that features a few of our own tracks that are exclusives, as well as exclusives at the time from OC & Verde and Glance Off, as well as a first time play for our remix of Radekt that’s coming out soon through Constant Circles.

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