Hector returns to his own VL Recordings imprint for the first time since his ‘Jacuzzi Killer’ EP in 2016, serving up 3 hard hitting, club ready weapons on the ‘Rogue Traders’ EP.

3 solid originals from the Vatos Locos man here, starting with the sinister title track. ‘Rogue Traders’ is a dance floor destroyer in a can, tribal rhythms, rolling percussion, dirty industrial grunge textures coming through on the synths, the sort of track that really makes you wanna screw up your face and pump your fists in the air, raw energy from the outset with this storming title track.

‘Mañana means Heaven’ is a breakbeat based groover, layered with bongo and conga hits which take away from the rigidity of the main breaks, added to with a thundering kick, the percussion right from the intro has some serious weight and energy. A serious dose of weighty low end which rumbles underneath the beats, turns this into a behemoth track that would be right at home at DC-10 on the terrace on a Monday, chunky beats and chunkier bass definitely the order of the day here.

‘Self Made’ in keeping with the rest of the EP has a very tribal feel in a lot of the percussion, right from the start you find yourself moving to the various tom and bongo hits which pepper the beat, combined with glistening sharp hi hats. Then you’re hit with the moody pads and arpeggiated synths that drive the energy levels higher, drawing you into a hypnosis as the rhythms repeat over and over, building the tension towards the breakdown. This track would not feel out of place in a Sci-fi film with with its atmospheric textures and spacious breakdown, a masterfully constructed piece this one, ready to send some people wild on some dance floors this summer no doubt.

Armed with fresh material, he’s set to road test his new ammo in Ibiza as he returns with a series of Vatos Locos events, Open air venue El Patio, which is earning a reputation as a must-visit among the music savvy, will host a party on the 19th, then on the  22nd of September, Hector returns to Underground for his third consecutive birthday bash. You can also catch him at the BPM Festival in Portugal on the 23rd September.

You can buy the EP >>>> HERE